The Danish State Archives launched a new website on June 16th 2014 that tells the story of the Danish colony in the West Indies up until the 100-year anniversary in 2017 of the sale of the islands to the U.S.

The new website - - will contain all information from the Danish State Archives up to the centennial and the content from this website will be transferred.

Welcome to the Danish National Archives' website on the history of the Danish West Indies, 1671-1917.

The Danish West Indies consisted of the Caribbean islands St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. The colony was sold to the United States in 1917, since which time the three islands have been known as the United States Virgin Islands.

Most of the records for the pre-1917 history of the islands are in the Danish National Archives in Copenhagen.

You can choose between access either to general historical information and an exhibition of records concerning "The Islands"; a discussion of the existing "Literature" on the history of the islands; a survey of "Archives" with regard to the history of the islands; a number of detailed "Finding Aids" to the most important record groups; "Search" facilities; and information "About" the website.

The intention is to provide you with a survey of the history of the Danish West Indies, as well as the literature and records avialable. The records are exceptionally comprehensive and their research potential is enormously rich, as the Danes have been meticulous in documenting almost everything that happened in the colony and in preserving the records. The Danish archival sources are therefore unique historical resources today.

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Records in the national Archives in Washington


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